Packing Service

London’s Movers provide packing services throughout London and the UK, using only the highest quality packing materials.
You can count on our removal company to get you and your items where they need to be or provide you with the materials needed to do it yourself.
Whatever your preference, you can rely on us. For your convenience, we can move you earlier; however, we do charge £10 more if we have to deliver before your moving date.

We do it for you

By asking us to help you with your move, you ensure that your items are packed quickly and efficiently. Let London’s Movers save yourself the time and hassle of packing.

Do it yourself

Should you decide to pack up your items yourself, you save money by purchasing our packing supplies. These materials ensure that your items stay safe and protected from harm in transit. They also help you to quickly and easily unpack at the other end

Packing tips and hints, practices

From the list below you can read how to package what is appropriate and safe for international transport and moving.


The dishes, glasses, plates, it is appropriate to pack into smaller boxes. Fragile items should be wrapped in newspaper or in bubble foil and placed into boxes. If you have a complete box set of wraps, place it at the bottom of the plates, and the more fragile cups, mugs on the top. Close the box with strong adhesive and make sure it will not open in the bottom when lift it up. Label the box clearly: FRAGILE.

Tips: Extra protection can be provided to your glasses if wrapped in newspaper place it in a larger pot then cover with adhesive tape.

Living Room

Books, CDs, DVDs also should packed into smaller boxes. Ornaments, glass, ceramics should be wrapped in bubble paper or boxes in all cases. Electronics preferably in their original box for shipping. If the original box is not available, these items are placed in the box according to their size individually and do not load on them anything. Screwed up the carpets so as to be outside the lower part. Secure the roll of tape that will not be deployed into delivery.

Tips: Draw a clear garbage bag or plastic bag at the rolled-up carpet’s end which taped around tightly to avoid losing. Thus the carpet can be put down without contact the edge on the ground and gets dirty.

Dismantle the lamps, chandeliers if possible and wrap the pieces in paper, bubble wrapping or other packaging material. When transporting pictures more picture can be packaged together separated by similarly sized paper – thus protect each other from potential damage. Label the package: Fragile. Furniture, large bottles good to wrap with bubble foil. For other large size items our company provide blankets during transport. Your clothes can be packed in bigger size boxes or bags too. Fold or wrap them together and fill as many bags as long as fits in comfortably – no need to push them together. Toys also can be delivered in bags, in box – these not required special precautions during packing. Delivery of plants should be in strong, open box or in chest. Other fixtures (such as sofa, armchairs, beds, mattresses) cover only with foil, taped will be shipped to prevent them from dust and moisture.

Request a quote on our materials by contacting our packing service on 020 3151 9440 in London.